Women are Revolution

In the past, and now more than ever, women have been and are in the front line when it comes to defending, protecting, and saying what is going wrong in our societies. Women have built nations from scratch in the past and are still doing it today, worldwide. Unfortunately, we often do not find any mention of those women in books, not in school and not in university and that is unfair. We (8 brave and young women from different countries: Bosnia, Colombia, Italy, Paraguay, Mexico and Morocco) decided to change that. And the smartest way is writing about those women, that from one way or the other have started a revolution!

Nowadays, we see revolution in volunteer work, we are starting revolution now writing an article, you are participating in a revolution by reading this blog. From where I come there is a phrase “When tyranny is law, revolution is order” (Don Pedro Albizu Campos). Our new revolution is educating and sharing knowledge!

Author: Chiara M. 

Tea lover and huge fan of Murakami, from Italy.

Women are revolution – Maria Skłodowska Curie


Woman, spouse, mother, supporter of Polish independence, scientist and Nobel Prize winner – twice. Maria Skłodowska Curie, a.k.a Madame Curie,was the first woman and scientist to win two Nobel Prizes, one in Physics (1903)  and the second one in Chemistry (1911). Continue reading