Women are Revolution

In the past, and now more than ever, women have been and are in the front line when it comes to defending, protecting, and saying what is going wrong in our societies. Women have built nations from scratch in the past and are still doing it today, worldwide. Unfortunately, we often do not find any mention of those women in books, not in school and not in university and that is unfair. We (8 brave and young women from different countries: Bosnia, Colombia, Italy, Paraguay, Mexico and Morocco) decided to change that. And the smartest way is writing about those women, that from one way or the other have started a revolution!

Nowadays, we see revolution in volunteer work, we are starting revolution now writing an article, you are participating in a revolution by reading this blog. From where I come there is a phrase “When tyranny is law, revolution is order” (Don Pedro Albizu Campos). Our new revolution is educating and sharing knowledge!

Author: Nicole Pendić

Student of Economics and Management from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Women are revolution – Meliha Varešanović

SarajevThe woman who inspired many ladies during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1992-1995) was Meliha Varešanović. The world scene heared about her thanks to photograpfer Tom Stoddart who took the shoot of this brave women who was walking with her head held high, eventhough, around her were Serbian soldiers and the situation was everything except the normal one. 

The photographer took the photo in the moment when the serbs threw the granates, so he hide himself. In that moment he saw Meliha and took this amazing photo. This foto has been seen worldwide, but Melisa didn’t know it. The only thing that she was thinking about was how to survive that day and the days that were coming. After 20 years, the photographer  did an interview with her and she said that she was going to work and that war couldn’t stop her to do the things that she was use to do. That day she had a long dress,high heels, red lipstick and a pearl necklace. That was her way to say that Bosnia is not going to fall down and that none can’t destroy one nation. In that time she was working for the municipality Novi grad of the Sarajevo where she works even now. To go to work she needed to pass the places were soldiers could kill her easily. She said that she used to go to the job by walking , she never used to run because she didn’t want to let know to the soldiers that she was scared. She used to be always well dressed, even better than during the time when there wasn’t war. In that time there wasn’t enough water and shampoo so she needed to cut her hair. She said that the world could see in the newspapers a lot of the poor women who were running and escaping from the soldiers but that her only weapon was her style so she was trying to be always in good conditions.

This women is the symbol of the courage, uniqueness and strength. She inspires me because of this facts. She is the one who should be a role model for every women, she shows us that we should fight for our dreams and that we should walk the whole time with our head held high.